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"All the beauty we miss because we have to die"

Afsky is Ole Luk's solo project (also Heltekvad and formerly Solbrud), which is based on traditional black metal, mixed with elements from folk music and doom as well as a mixture of wildness and melancholy.

Afsky saw the light of day back in autumn 2015, when the first release, an EP of 3 tracks was self-released digitally and later on CD. Since then it has progressed strongly. Later in the spring, a single followed with a music video, which was later re-released on the EP in vinyl edition by German Vendetta Records. Later followed the first full-length "Sorg" in 2017, "Ofte jeg drømmer mig død" 2020 and an acoustic EP "I stilhed" from 2022.

Afsky was not created with the intention of being a live project, but more of a personal project for Ole. A
place where all creative ideas could come together and become reality. Later, on request, Afsky has
become a live band. Over the past few years, Afsky has shared stages with bands such as: Wolves in the
Throne Room, Winterfyltteth, Uada, Mork, Spectral Wound, Mayhem, Panopticon etc.

In 2023 (15.03.23) Afsky's 3 Album will be released with the title "om hundrede år" with 6 cuts, which is the most personal record so far according to Ole himself who says:

''Om hundrede år, stands out in the way that I have started from something that does not stem from anything negative. A tribute to life if you will. I wanted to see if it was possible for me to make a record that does not deal with anything negative as such or where a criticism is directed at something you are against, which a lot of lyricism in metal often takes as its starting point. I wanted to make something, in my world different than the lyrical universe black metal often deals with. It has ended with a few songs that have become very personal. It's about life and about feelings. The feeling of knowing you have to leave one day and not be here anymore. Thoughts that those you love at some point are no longer there. Thoughts that life is unique and therefore precious and that you shouldn't throw it away. Thoughts that there is something I would like to achieve while I am here on earth. Working with the record has set many thoughts in motion within me. It is undoubtedly the most personal thing I have done and I have been on a journey within myself while the work has been going on.''

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