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Panopticon +

Special guest.: Falls Of Rauros

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ROADS TO THE NORTH LIVE: Ten-year anniversary
Following Panopticon’s “Kentucky”, “Roads to the North” was written during a transitional time, moving from Louisville, Kentucky, to Drammen, Norway and finally resting in the forests of Minnesota. Roads To the North remains one of Panopticon’s most well-loved records to date and ushered in a stylistic change in Panopticon’s sound, both in production, performance, and exploration of creative expressions, covering new territory for the project while also remembering the emotions and sounds of the past. This record signaled a pivotal point in Panopticon’s discography, with its vicious death metal, expansive atmospheric Black Metal, and orchestral influences, but also integrating the key Americana influence that became a mainstay this band would continue. It is an honor for us to be able to perform in entirety, the second album of the trilogy that began with “Kentucky” and ended
with “Autumn eternal”, paying tribute to the beautiful places that inspired it.

Ten-year anniversary special edition vinyl will be available at all exclusive performances.

"Roads to the north represented a pivotal change in not only my life, but in Panopticon's music and trajectory. After leaving our family, friends and home in Kentucky for a brief time where I worked as a brewer and we lived in Norway, we returned home, welcomed our first son into the world and promptly moved to Minnesota where I founded and run a brewery. Many changes occurred in our lives that needed to be reckoned with and processed. Music is the vehicle I choose for such matters. Roads to the North was the sound of a young man, only 31 years old at the time reflecting on changes
and growth in life, as the symphony of life plays on regardless of mistakes and broken strings. 2024 will be ten years since its release, and it feels like the right time to bring this album in its entirety to the stage for yet another time of reflection on the simultaneous, incredible beauty and horror of this
time we have on earth."
-Austin Lunn 2023

Falls Of Rauros:
Falls of Rauros of Portland, ME return with their 6th full-length album Key to a Vanishing Future. As a band that has mastered the balance of melody and dynamics within heavy songwriting, Falls of Rauros now faces a new era as a creative force. Since their founding as a duo in 2005 the band has expanded into a fully-realized and collaborative quartet. Although originally intent on exploring the common ground between black metal, rock, and folk music, the group’s continuous goal has been to bring together the raw materials of numerous styles of music and forge something seamless and new, rich with detail and texture. Recorded in isolation by the band themselves, the new record holds no regard for what is expected in the evolution of their sound, pays no mind to the current popular sounds of heavy music, and opens all possible doors. The band details:

“We wanted to write something new to us; it sounds nothing like our previous record, Patterns in Mythology, or like anything from our back catalog, for that matter. It’s a new chapter for the band, and you can be pretty sure we’ll move on to something a bit different on our next record.”

In addition to expanding upon their sonic identity, Falls of Rauros also approached the album’s themes with an increased scope, as the lyrics explore ideas around the commitment of existence. As clarified by the band:

“The idea behind Key to a Vanishing Future is that humans are born into this world without consent and forced to take on both the weight of human history and a responsibility for shaping the future. Both the failures and successes of previous generations are passed to the next, and the younger generation has no choice but to inherit the world they are given. Tradition, religion and religious superstition, debt, disease, addiction, the histrionics of desperate people living in a crumbling empire; all of these things wedge their way into our lives whether we invite them to or not.”

Key to a Vanishing Future is the most intricate and exploratory of the band’s career, while at the same time the most visceral and immediate.

“We are handed a key to the future, but what does that future look like?”

Key to a Vanishing Future was written and recorded by Falls of Rauros at their rehearsal space from December 2020 to January 2021. Mixing and mastering by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves in Queens, New York from January to March, 2021. It will be released in North America by Gilead Media and the rest of the world by Eisenwald on March 25, 2022 on CD, digital, tape, and vinyl formats.

Vinyl packaged in a single pocket jacket with 12x12 printed insert.

All artwork by Austin Lunn. Artist photo by Drew Buerhaus.

Falls of Rauros is:
Ray Capizzo – drums
Aaron Charles - guitar, vocals
Jordan Guerette - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Evan Lovely - bass

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